35% Of the first 3 months of contracts made in December 2020

Organize your house during the holidays without stress and with a 35% discount

December is here!
…And although it feels like the year has lasted a decade, we still want to celebrate with you. Our first year has been very challenging, but in spite of this we have more than 100 tenants whom we have been able to help, and we are grateful for this.
Now, to share the love we are offering a 35% discount on any unit, excluding XL sizes, in leases of a minimum of 3 months during December. In addition, before the holidays, we will be receiving all our tenants’ online purchases in our warehouse, and putting them in custody for up to a maximum of one week (The size of the purchase cannot exceed one cubic meter).
Use this offer to decorate your house without overloading it, bringing to your box what you don’t need while you share your family. Once the holidays are over, you will be able to select those things you give more value to, and declutter your home  from those that you keep for very specific occasions (like the christmas tree) and summer toys, bringing them to your box.
Contact us as soon as possible, the offer applies to a limited number of units of each size!

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